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Hey, I'm Varia, a London-based writer, producer, and actor with 6 years of experience in theatre, film and games. 
I specialise in crafting immersive worlds and populating those with captivating encounters and characters, through the written word or acting. Need an adorable shopkeep NPC? An annoying escort mission companion? The next big bad villain you can't help but love? Call me a fantasy fiend, a loot goblin, and the right person for the job!

Let's create unforgettable player experiences together! 

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With a background as a film producer, I've shepherded numerous projects from their inception to successful execution by offering crucial managerial and logistical support throughout the creative process, ensuring that every facet of a game's development is meticulously handled.

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My writing experience spans theatre, film, and game narratives, as well as poetry and commercial copywriting. Whatever your project demands, I have the skills to meet your creative needs. As a film director, I am also adept at leading a team towards a unuified creative vison.

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 Whether it's the cadence of dialogue or the emotional depth of a character, I can bring your words to life! Having worked as a director, I have experienced the recording process on either side of the mic, so I know the importance of nailing my performance, and as an actor I know how to get there. 

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London, UK

+44 (0) 7766178100

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